Take a little
Give back a lot

At ReWild, we believe in creating a world fit for all. Including Mother Nature too. The reason why we adopted all the land characters and ensured sustainable infrastructure, eco-scaping and construction models. Even our workshops, events and other services have been detailed only after keeping our philosophy in mind - The one which aims to create an environment where man and nature thrive off each other.

Here are some of the initiatives
to tackle the prevalent land problems.

Women enjoying the fragrance of the flower
Underground water

1. Water saves
Sometimes, we return the favour

Water table depletion is a problem that’s gripped Mother Nature for some time now. In and around Bangalore, the groundwater levels have been diminishing.

At ReWild, we decided to do something about it.

So we partnered with hydrology consultants and conducted studies to understand the flow of the underground water beneath our land. We continued to run hydrogeological surveys till we were doubly sure. After which our developers crafted a development plan that ensured zero interference in the underground water tables that surrounded us.

We did not forget about our community either. Water carrying, retention and recycling systems were installed throughout to balance the water levels after consumption.

2. Green is our middle name
And first And last

Rapid urbanisation and mono-cropping agriculture has had a drastic impact on Mother Nature. Green covers have turned to concrete forests and home gardens struggle to stay fresh.

With so much loss of green and forest cover, we had to step up.

We inspected the lay of the land through a detailed topographical survey, existing vegetation survey and geo-technical and soil survey to understand it better. And came up with a plan to use the existing character, vegetation, contours and gradients to carve out a beautiful yet sustainable plan.

Side by side, we chose to divide the land parcel into smaller plots and identify portions that will be ideal for building different sized homes. All while causing zero damage to the land.

Landscape view of a green field
Beautiful landscape of an evening water canal

3. Some call it maintenance
We call it care

Habitat loss, invasive species, pollution are just some of the factors that disrupt biodiversity. Sometimes causing irreparable damage.

We chose to change that.

Keeping our philosophy and eco-scape plan in mind, we will plant native plant pallets and create a lush green cover over the land. We choose to add only those species that offer additional advantages to the existing ecology.

To increase soil fertility, we’ll add cover crops that provide organic matter to the soil. And ensure that every structure, amenity or any other developmental aspect to be created uses absolutely sustainable practices. So nothing stands in the way of nature.