ReWild FAQs

About ReWild

What does ReWild do?

We create gated communities of Managed Uber-Luxury Farmhouses that are nestled in beautiful locations- by the river, amidst forests and surrounded by hills, thereby offering our patrons Bespoke Nature-based Experiences.

How is ReWild different from other farmland operators?

ReWild projects are luxury lifestyle products, not focused on Agriculture ROI, but rather on end-use, wherein our patrons can enjoy spending extended periods of time in their farmhouse, nestled in the lap of nature.

How is ReWild able to find such a beautiful location around Bangalore with just 90 mins drive from Bangalore centre?

We painstakingly look at hundreds of land parcels to choose the most unique and beautiful ones, that have no title or other legal issues.


Does ReWild sell only farm plots or farm houses too?

At ReWild, you can buy:
Only Farm House Plots
Farm Plots + Villa / Farmhouses

Can buyers build their own farmhouses?

Yes, buyers have the option of building their own farmhouses, and also have the choice to get a fully furnished Farmhouse that ReWild builds.

What are the managed services?

A team of professionals at ReWild will manage all the common areas of the project. They will also manage your farm/orchard, tend to your gardens/lawns/landscaping and other outside areas of your estate. The cost for this is covered in the CAM charges paid monthly. For an additional monthly fee, we will manage the cleaning and other housekeeping activities for your Farmhouse, while you’re away, making it a truly hassle-free experience.

Tell us about your Partners.

We work with best-in-class partners, be it Architects, Landscape Designers, Permaculture experts, Hydrology consultants etc, to deliver the absolute best product to you.

About Land

What are the benefits of owning managed farmland?

A central agency takes care of all aspects of managing, security, maintenance, agriculture etc also leading to reduced costs per unit due to economies of scale. One can also make use of the recreational centre and other amenities, experiences and events, also leading to the creation of a vibrant community.

What is the zoning of the land?

Agricultural land

Is one eligible to buy agricultural land in Karnataka?

Yes, any Indian national can purchase agricultural land in Karnataka.

What are the advantages of investing in agricultural farmland in Bangalore?

Karnataka is one of the only states where any Indian can buy agricultural land. Land in     Karnataka, especially with proximity to Bangalore, is estimated to have significantly more appreciation in land value, as compared to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu. Bangalore is the fastest growing city in South India with the largest job-creation in India, with the highest tech salaries.

How is the land owned? Definition of each unit?

Privately owned, in individual name. Each unit is an independent one, with its own   conveyance. Each unit is classified as an agricultural land holding, and our buyers get exclusive usage of all our common areas and amenities.

How are the legal titles secure and will the company provide a title opinion for the property?

We get a very extensive title and legal due diligence done from a reputed law firm. The same will be provided to a customer during the booking process.

What are the basic rules and regulations that ReWild has set on the construction of villas?

As long as you comply with our by-laws, government zoning and panchayat regulations, you are free to construct per your wish.

Villa and Farmhouse

Will ReWild take care of Farmhouse construction?


Who designs the Farmhouse?

We work with a well-known and respected Architectural firm.

What happens if I don’t want to build my farmhouse now?

In case someone wants to purchase only a plot and build later, we make experiential cottages in each of our projects for the usage of our buyers.

Is the Farmhouse that ReWild builds fully furnished?

Yes, you have the choice to get a fully furnished Farmhouse.

Can I buy a plot and build my own farmhouse?

Yes, buyers have the option of building their own farmhouses, you also have the choice to get a fully furnished Farmhouse that ReWild builds.


What is the Hospitality aspect offered by ReWild?

If you get the Farmhouse built by ReWild from scratch to finish, as part of the standard designs and interiors provided by our Architect, we will operate the Villa as a Hospitality venture on a Revenue share basis.

Who will operate the Hospitality?

ReWild is building a separate Hospitality arm that will operate this.

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