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At an easy 2-hours away from UB City, this 50-acre, riverfront land, beyond Kanakapura, is a blessed escape that’s close to the city but far from its bustle. With 32 exclusive, river-facing plots planned to give you absolute privacy and peace, and a riverfront promenade built, this is a piece of nature you’ll want to own.

When you buy a plot at ReWild Shimsha, you don’t just buy the privacy of a large plot that can accommodate your farmhouse and any other fancies you wish to build. You buy into a land filled with natural beauty. And home to rich, indigenous wildlife.

Site Location

Why Shimsha?

Get the best of both worlds. The joy of nature and the luxuries of city life, nestled around the Shimsha river. Rejoice in abundant natural bounty and tailor-made comforts.Our land is a highly exclusive one, located far from any other private and urban settlements, and a short drive to some of Karnataka’s most scenic tourist spots.

Sizes & Location of Estates

What is the size range of these Estates?

Our estates range from 1 to 3 acres.

How many Estates in all?

We have 33 Estates as part of our 63-acre project.

How many Estates are river-front?

We have 12 plots which are River-front. But worry not, all residents will have access to our river-front promenade. The other estates are situated in beautiful, lush orchards and plantations.

Where is this located?

ReWild Twilight in the Wilderness is located 30 kms beyond Kanakpura (south of Bangalore) in a village called Halaguru, next to the river Shimsha.

How much riverfront does the project have?

We have a 3700 ft river frontage. The river envelopes our land in the North, West and South side.


Who are the Architects for the Project?

Our Master Planning and Farmhouse Architects are Khosla Associates, one of the country’s leading Architecture firms.

Who are the Landscape Architects?

Our Sustainability and Landscape Architects are Studio Ficus, who have curated large projects such as these, and come with great domain expertise.

Managed Farms & Farmhouses

What are the central managed services offering provided by ReWild?

A team of professionals at ReWild will manage all the common areas of the project. They will also manage your farm/orchard, tend to your gardens/lawns/landscaping and other outside areas part of your estate. The cost for this is covered in the CAM charges paid monthly.
For an additional monthly fee, we will manage the cleaning and other housekeeping activities for your Farmhouse, while you’re away.

Please list all services offered by ReWild?

• Hassle-Free Solutions:
• Farmhouse & Farmplot Design
• Farmhouse Construction
• Property Management
• Rental Management / Hospitality
• Property Management includes:
• Home Maintenance
• Housekeeping
• Plumbing & Electrical
• Pool Maintenance
• Security
• Farming / Gardening


What is the Hospitality aspect offered by ReWild?

If you get the Farmhouse built by ReWild from scratch to finish, as part of the standard designs and interiors provided by our Architect, we will operate the Villa as a Hospitality venture on a Revenue share basis.

Who will operate the Hospitality?

ReWild is building a separate Hospitality arm that will operate this. For the Shimsha project, we are also in discussions with a few boutique hospitality operators to manage the operations.


What are the amenities as part of the project?

We have earmarked 6 acres for a luxurious boutique resort to be built in the near future.
There will be a river-front promenade throughout the river-front, with curated picnic spots, isolation pods and reading nooks.
We will also be providing common open and farming spaces.
In addition, there will also be walkways and cycling tracks meandering through the teak plantation, and one leading to the river.


Do all the buyers get access to Riverfront?

Yes, we are making a wrap-around riverfront promenade, for a riverfront walk throughout the property. This will also have spots for Picnics, Meditation, Yoga, Reading Nooks etc

Is one eligible to buy agricultural land in Karnataka?

Yes, any Indian national other than an NRI is.

What rights do we have on our plots?

Full rights, as long as it conforms to our by-laws, govt regulations and local panchayat rules.

Will the company provide a title opinion for the property?


What are the advantages of investing in agricultural farmland in Bangalore?

Karnataka is one of the only states where any Indian can buy agricultural land. Land in Karnataka, especially with proximity to Bangalore, is estimated to have significantly more appreciation in land value, as compared to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu. Bangalore is the fastest growing city in South India with the largest job-creation in India, with the highest tech salaries.

Will ReWild take care of Farmhouse construction?


Is the Farmhouse that ReWild builds fully furnished?

Yes, you have the choice to get a fully furnished Farmhouse.

Own an exclusive plot of land that can be built to your taste and specifications


• On-site Luxury Resort
• Common Open Spaces & Community Farms
• Housekeeping, Maintenance & Farming Services
• Exclusive Riverfront Promenade
• Riverside Campsite

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• Exotic Bird and Wildlife Watching
• Nature-Oriented Walking Trails
• Private Riverside Picnics
• Reading Nooks and Meditation
Pods by the Riverside

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