About ReWild

Welcome to ReWild

Place where convenience intertwines with the raw beauty of nature. Co-founded by brothers Adarsh and Abhilash Narahari, ReWild stands as a beacon of innovation in Weekend-Getaway Plotted Development Communities, aiming to become India's foremost branded leisure home concept, offering managed properties in awe-inspiring locations. Under the guidance of esteemed promoters Prashanth Prakash and Nikhil Kamath, our brand is synonymous with the grandeur of nature and the epitome of mindful living on the outskirts of Bangalore with an unparalleled lifestyle.

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At ReWild, we redefine luxury with the largest-sized plots near Bangalore, carefully curated to embrace the essence of nature's finest offerings. Nestled amidst natural forests, rivers, riverbanks, and hillocks, our projects boast a location second to none. Our USP lies not just in the pristine surroundings but also in the convenient accessibility to the city, offering a perfect blend of tranquillity and urban connectivity.

We take pride in our end-to-end management of property, ensuring a seamless experience for our esteemed clients. From meticulously handling all paperwork to delivering a hassle-free purchase journey, ReWild leaves no stone unturned in making dreams a reality.

Take a leisurely drive to paradise

ReWild is an eco-friendly haven designed to build a lifestyle in the lap of nature. Close to the city but away from its hustle and bustle, ReWild is a space to rejuvenate the mind and soul. Sprawled across forested land, nature trails, off-beat experiences and unique amenities come together to make every moment at ReWild, extraordinary.

A beautiful reminder of a life far more fulfilling.

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Embracing a holistic ethos, we promote a lifestyle that celebrates the outdoors. Our visionextends beyond mere housing; it's about crafting spaces where one can truly live, breathe, and connect with nature’s wonders. Every partnership we forge, be it with architects, landscape artists, or master planners, is a testament to our commitment to Blue-Green Living—a philosophy that champions sustainability and harmony with the environment.

What sets ReWild apart is not just the exclusivity of our large-sized projects but also their low density, ensuring ample space for privacy and indulgence. Here, owning a leisure home is not just a retreat; it’s a statement—a statement of luxury, sustainability, and a deep-rooted connection with nature.