Your paperwork is our problem

Home is not where you live, but where you find peace. At ReWild, we ensure that the process of owning your green haven does not take away your peace of mind.

We understand that identifying a piece of land that appeals to your taste is a time-consuming affair. One that involves dealing with persuasive brokers who will pester you, day in and day out. Add to that, the worry of ensuring that the said piece of land is not embroiled in any legal disputes or claimed by unlawful elements. Imagine relaxing on the front porch of your home to-be only to have your peace disturbed by encroachers and land grabbers.

You will be delighted to know that ReWild is free of such issues. Because the plots at ReWild have a strong legal backing that ensures the process of owning your home is as easy as putting up a nameplate.

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Lady gardening Bunch of beautiful flowers

We care, so
you can live carefree

Maintenance and security should be the last thing on your mind. Because it’s the first thing on ours. So ease into life at ReWild without worrying about the troublesome nitty-gritties.

Be it tending to your garden, managing your backyard or maintaining your plots – rest easy, knowing that we’ll take care of it. We employ a central agency to stay in charge of the upkeep. Simply put, look forward to maintenance charges that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Additionally, you will also save up on the cost of hiring your own security to safeguard your newly constructed home. Our robust surveillance systems and alert staff will do the needful.

If you feel like skipping the hassle of planning and overseeing the construction of your home, just ask and we at ReWild will build one for you.

The Leisure home can wait
Nature can’t

Once you own a plot with ReWild, your nature-bound experiences don’t have to wait for a fully-constructed home.

Even if you choose to postpone the construction of your leisure home, you can enjoy the perks of life at ReWild in our experiential cottages made available to you or your guests for a specified number of days every year.

While you enjoy the scenic beauty, our on-site café will spoil you with the best culinary delights, and take care of all your cravings. Should you crave a more formal dining experience or a change of scenery (not that you would), you will find an upcoming Taj property a mere 2-minute drive from ReWild.

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Build a utopia
that pays for itself

Nature is the new oil. Invest in nature. It will reward you manifold. Owning a piece of nature will put you on a strong footing, both mentally and financially.

With people looking for an escape from hectic city lifestyle, the demand for nature-inspired homes have only increased. The mundane realities of city homes have become more evident in the pandemic. With a low rental yield of 2-2.5%, buying a home in the city isn’t an attractive prospect anymore. But when one door closes, another opens.

Over the last two years, leisure homes have seen an exponential financial growth. Located in the midst of nature, these larger-sized plots also complement a pandemic-induced lifestyle. Now most of these homes are built on vastly spacious plots. And not everyone can own them. So what’s stopping you from reaping the many joys of nature?